Planwise helps you see your finances more clearly

A free financial decision tool

Are you planning to take a vacation, get a car, buy a home or change jobs? Maybe you just want to get out of debt or take control of your spending.

With Planwise you can do all of these things.

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Unlimited Plans

No limit to the number of future plans you can add. See how any combination or variation of your plans looks

Tablet Versions

Prefer to use a tablet? Planwise is optimized to run on a tablet. iPad and Android users simply bookmark


Customize Planwise your way. Supports labels, a whole stack of frequencies, even set payment dates so you don’t miss a thing


 We invest heavily to protect your sensitive financial information and make sure it is protected to the highest level. Read more here

Access Anywhere

Planwise is internet based so you can access your data and your plans from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

Save your Data

Save your data and all your plans with just your email address. Its that easy, and it will all be waiting for you every time you return.


People should be free to make good financial decisions. Planwise is free for personal use. Businesses click here.

Multiple Graphs

Cash in the bank, total debt, net income and more! Planwise has lots of different graphs so you can really understand your finances and plans.

Fully Supported

Email and chat support and a detailed knowledge base to walk you through how to do things.        Click here to visit support.

Turn Plans On/Off

Trying to decide between plans? Add each plan into Planwise then toggle them each on and off so you can see the impact of each

50 Year Projections

Whether its a decision this month or planning for your retirement, Planwise has you covered from 2 months to 50 years.

No Bank Logins

You can have the full Planwise experience without giving up your bank login information.

Secure and Fully Supported


Planwise is secured by SSL, the same technology your bank uses. Additionally we have no visibility to any data that you enter and do not allow any 3rd party to access this data either.  Our founding team has had over a decade of experience building financial services technology for some of the worlds biggest banks, before we built Planwise.


Fully Supported

Planwise is fully supported. You can reach us via email or our support desk. We love getting your feedback on how to improve Planwise so get in touch anytime.
Reach our support people here

Free to use, easy to get started, requires no personal information          Launch Planwise Now!